The Sala Success

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The Sala Success

What is it that keeps Banús’s number one place to see and to be seen ticking all year round? The good food? The service? The entertainment? The live music? The setting? We’d say a combination of all these things and the fact that it is constant. It is pretty much the one place on the scene that you know in peak season, in low season, in mid season, whether it rains or shines, you can eat well, socialise, be entertained and dance your socks off. It doesn’t run by the philosophy of the usual ‘summer madness’ as so many other local establishments do with a jam packed timetable during June to August and then next to nothing and even closure during the autumn and winter months. And this is what makes it a safe bet for clients and ultimately a big success.


Quality entertainment on offer is also key. The acts you can see and enjoy at La Sala are a step above the rest. Superb singers, excellent musicians and Marbella’s top Djs who really know how to keep a crowd alive and dancing (and don’t just play the music they like – so boring – or they think is what “works” in Marbella i.e. Deep House….”Hey Mr DJ! I just love getting down to a song I can actually sing along to” – sounds familiar?) This cocktail of entertainers keeps the clients happier, meaning they stay for longer, they drink and eat more and they want to go back – that is what keeps La Sala running 365 days a year!


In October, the calendar is full, with scheduled entertainment featured every single day. La Sala regulars such as Mr Maph, Lucy Faye, Vicky & Ernesto and Masquerade to name but a few will be joined by special events in the Piano Bar & Restaurant (for an additional cover charge). On Monday 3rd October, The New Jersey Boys will serenade you with music by Frank Valli and the Four Seasons. Back by popular demand, Monday 10th October brings a performance by Ollie Hughes with his tribute to the one and only Robbie Williams (the likeness is uncanny). Monday 17th October features charismatic Dave Largie and his tribute to Barry White, the week after is a tribute to the Beatles and to end the month there are tributes to the fabulous Michael Buble and Adele.


From 12am onwards La Sala’s DJs and musicians hit centre stage to take the party up another notch and keep you dancing almost ‘til dawn. Quality artists such as Junior D’Acosta, Miguel Corchón, Ruben Hernández, Demian Arroyo and the Menllizón brothers who perform in the most exclusive parties and establishments on the coast are regulars at La Sala.


As a plus, the sound installations throughout the restaurant and bars are superb meaning the music – both live and recorded – sounds as it should: clear and clean.


For more information and to check out monthly schedules, offers and deals, visit the official website:

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