Bo Weavil

About This Project

This child of the ball raised at Blues Noir, Folk and African music has played more than 1500 concerts in Europe and across the ocean since his debut 20 years ago. Whether it’s a one-man band, a duet or a trio, his record of service is already that of a veteran.
Bo Weavil is asked by Ben Harper to open his concert at the Olympia, he also opens Betty Lavette’s concert at the Cigale, Sharon Jones & The DAP Kings at the Olympic in Nantes, he performs at the Eurockéennes in Belfort, at Nancy Jazz Pulsation, at Jazz in Juan, several times at Cognac Blues Passion (first parts of Robert Plant and Hugh Laurie In Canada, he shines in the opening act of The Fabulous Thunderbirds at the Mont-Tremblant Festival (Montreal), then in a prominent Vancouver club, he also makes a big impression on Beale Street at the IBC in Memphis…
Today, Bo Weavil is taking on a new challenge, a challenge that is arrogant to say the least. Producing a new project on its own in a group; but not just any group!… Selected musicians, the cream of the current Nantes music scene; Nicolas Mary’s saturated organ with devastating riffs (Nina Attal…), Warren Mutton the young soloist and overwhelmed guitarist (Kokomo), Kevin “K20” GRLD the sensual drummer (DaSweep, Kok
The inspiration for Bo Weavil in this project comes from the Psychedelic-Funk, Garage-Soul, Afro-Beat, Reggae, Blues and Rock that he has been listening to since his childhood in the 70s and 80s. The fusion of all these musical colours gave birth to a genre he defined as “Pulp’ Blues”.
The title of the album “A Son Of Pride”, which should be translated into French by “un fils de proud”, is a play on words with “sin of pride”, an expression that means “sin of pride”. Bo Weavil is not full of pride, but full of pride, and Bo Weavil arrives with his new Band on the French and international music scene. Are you ready?! So… hold on! Because it’s a mess!