Christian Montoya

C, DJ, M
About This Project

This Chilean living 15 years ago in Spain, for some time, has marked an international career since his performance at the Loveparade in Santiago de Chile in 2005. After that year with different dates around the world have been coming and going and their Latin rhythms took him to countries like Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and within Spain to Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza, where he performed in different venues and festivals.

After a season of living in the centre of Malaga, Christian Montoya earned a place on the local scene at the microclub CAFE MARBELLA and during the summer of 2010 he travelled around Andalusia, Berlin, Ibiza and Italy making everyone dance with his “fresh and tasty music” as the denominator.That same year his EP “El poder de la luna”, released under the Chilean label DNW Records and supported by Namito and Tube&Berger began to show his most sensitive facet to the subtle energies that surround his productions.

2011 is the year in which it attracts the attention of the Scandinavian public, participating in festivals such as Musikfest (Oslo), Somneroya (Oslo) and Groove Yard (Tønsberg).In 2012 Christian returns again to Ibiza and for the first time in Hvar, Croatia during the OHM festival with names like Martinez Brothers, Julian Perez, Behrouz, Steve Lawler, Pig & Dan, Nicole Moudaber, Anna Tur, MEMO, Himan, Moog, DavidMoreno, Ana Tur, Satoshi Tomiie and many others.Its radio programme Eivissa (Ibiza) Fresh Flavours, broadcasted by Mixcloud, also reaches every corner of the planet with an excellent international audience and several artists have performed such as Tania Luna, Namito, Argenis Brito, Tube&Berger, Miguel Garji, Rodrigo Reveco, Dj Moog, Alejandro Vivanco, Gerben Brouwer, Christian Godoy, 2Villas, Andre Butano, Toni Vives, Manuel Frías …

Thanks to this successful radio show and its close relationship with artists from the white island (Ibiza) and Ibiza Global Radio (Ana and Jordi Tur,David & Toni Moreno, Miguel Garji, Manuel Frías and JM Ramón) Eivissa (Ibiza) Fresh Flavours comes out into the world as a party on this year’s Tour so that the world can feel this special Ibizan atmosphere, characterised by the sounds and flavours of the fresh deep & tech house sound, together with its new emblem, the popular drink “Hierbas Ibicencas Marimayans”. With his latest release ‘Norsk Vind’ and a cooperation with Russia and Dj Attaboy that saw the light in The Miami 2013 BluFinRegistros compilation Christian shows the world once again that this Chilean has earned a place in the electronic music scene and that music is universal.