Dj Mauro Pacheco

D, DJ, M
About This Project

His career as a DJ began at the age of 16, when after working a whole winter, he bought his first table and sound equipment.
At 17 he entered the first discotheque as a resident DJ,”Aire 21″ was called. He spent 1 year there, and at 18 he was called to work in another Golden West (Jaén) club where he spent 2 years, travelling to the two discotheques they had, one in Aguadulce (Almería) and the other in Villacarrillo (Jaén). At the age of 20 he entered Discoteca Flour in Villargordo (Jaén) where he spent another year.

After that year he decided not to have any more residence and dedicated himself to organize parties, renting and assembling sound equipment and playing in various parties.
As a result, he grew even more in his career as a DJ. And he travelled all over Andalusia and Tenerife. It helped him to learn more at a musical and personal level.
At 25 he decided to give her a “I’m going back to my life”, he bet on moving out of town and starting from scratch. He moved to Marbella and was very well received.

As soon as he arrived, he got a residence in Factory Copas (Puerto Deportivo de Marbella), thanks to which he made himself known and it was useful for Jose Gallano to give him the opportunity to play Beachgroove Radio. There he made another giant leap and performed in Mosh fun Kitchen, also got the residence of Besaya Beach, besides another local marina, as well as various contracts for the Costa del Sol. Now at 27 he is in another stage of his life in which he has been hired by a manager and is going up in leaps and bounds in his career as a DJ, getting his residency at Hotel Amaré a unique place, as well as DJ resident in BEACHGROOVE RADIO.
Also as organizer of events and quite a lot of hiring in pubs, discos and other places.

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