Andrés Ruiz

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About This Project

Andrés Ruiz aka Mr. Maruba. From his position as a musical activist, Andrés Ruiz decides in his most tender puberty to face the bad taste and boredom prevailing in the idle western society. In this way it adopts music, as well as rhythm and dance, as a throwing weapon against minds numb with unmistakable melodies and singers abducted by the spirit of glanders. His fight acts on several fronts, from his earliest youth, in front of the stage, with bands such as La Leshe que Mamate, Talones or Plan 9, injecting a dose of hedonism to the youthful and non-conformist hordes of this country after almost happy 80’s and 90’s, at the rhythm of an indefinable sound, a mixture of ska, pop and high school punk, while these lost the
He has been the organizer of several events and festivals, including Marbella Grill Festival and La Monda Rock, a benchmark for independent music on the Costa del Sol. He has worked in the production of events with the promoter Doctor Aliñao and management tasks with the band Briatore as well as with the DJ Carlito Brigante. She is currently working in the Youth Delegation of the Marbella City Council organizing workshops and activities for young people as well as the Marbepop festival that mobilizes 5000 people each year, a meeting of local artists whose aim is to bring culture closer through music.

Any place is good if you want to have fun, and following this precept, through his alter ego Mr. Maruba, enters the difficult world of entertaining any party, bar or festival that lends itself through good records and a mixer table. His eagerness to hoard all kinds of sounds makes him go through any hovel in search of the lost record. There he meets the great masters and is absorbed by the soul of Soul’s godfather, a character who opens a new path full of rhythm and groove. From now on jazz, funk and soul, together with ska, are part of its most important weapons.

His battle front in front of the plates travels in space a line that goes from Granada to the Costa del Sol, and in time all the black music of the 70s, from soul, funk, disco, reggae, ska, boogaloo or latin music, winks to tv series, and even encounters with electronic music, bossanova and modern jazz.

His sessions are a tribute to the classics, but without forgetting the loudest frequencies of modern music. All to help conserve planet Earth through sustainable music consumption based on fun above all else.