About This Project

Briatore is basically a group of old friends (three of them coming from bands like La leshe que mamate, Los Talones, Plan 9…) who share hobbies and aesthetic-musical criteria since time immemorial: records, scooters, cinema, clothes, comics… Five types with numerous points in common but with different legacies, and it is precisely that similar diversity that has just formed that melting pot that is the Briatore sound: A compendium of echoes coming from the Ska (2 Tone), the most sordid Garage or the most elegant Soul, achieving a sound easily distinguishable from the first chord. This fact is not easy to obtain, but they arrive with surprising naturalness.

In the summer of 2007 Briatore posted his first demo (Into the club, A way of life, Briatore and What’s your (fuckin’) name?). on Myspace and the public’s welcome is truly stimulating. Vitamins for the valves of your amplifiers.
As expected, contacts begin and the band comes out of the shell. Bowling happens and the Catalan Bip Bip Bip Records requests the release of a song from the demo for the collection Somos los mods Vol II. The theme was the emblematic and vindictive A way of life. Shortly afterwards, the company mod par excellence hires the band to launch the Cd A way of life in January 2010. Disco with 10 tracks that receive a barrage of very positive critics and that places them in a privileged position within the scene that welcomes him with open arms.
A little later came the compilation Ska in your head (The Sombrero Club Zine) with three tracks of this long duration (A way of life, Short beat “A”, A boy with a gun on the road). The group toured much of the country’s geography as it found (or invented) periods to retreat to record in the laboratory responsible for the Briatore sound: Josema’s Dalton Factory (Brothers Dalton) in San Fernando (Cádiz).

At the end of the Barcelona journey, the band made contact with a legendary company from Malasaña (Madrid) that has been declared a follower since its foundation: Liquidator Music. The capo of the same, Toni Face, listens to the models and decides that Briatore should be part of the catalog of his record label. Then begins a new journey for the band, the release of the vinyl “Wake up!” that sees the light. An Ep format disc with Cd included that compiles eight songs that follow the line drawn in the previous work. Seven own tracks and a version of Todd Rundgren’s (I saw the light), as well as a festive brooch for which they count with the collaboration of the Poorhouse Rockers Soundsystem in the breaker Skankin’ Rockers,
To make it coincide with the release of the disc the band rolls the celebrated video clip of Troubles (Modularestudio). A powerful theme garagero of echoes r’ n’ b in which a wildly roaring organ and a guitar with a fuzz untied in the rear thunderous bass resonates in the background, carrying a penetrating melody of a breaking chorus that adheres to the entrails.
Briatore’s name is becoming established on the national scene and beyond, hence the articles published in prestigious European magazines (Germany, France, Poland…). The band adds and follows and at the moment they are drawing the main lines of what will be their third album.
Just a word of advice, folks: if you find out that the band is going to drop by your town, get dressed up and reinforce the dance floors: Briatore is back. Ready, ready… Wake up!